Friday, February 11, 2011

Touch Women Boobs While Sleeping In Train

Concrete tips of a bishop in case of danger.

Generally I do not pay attention to such messages.
But it is interesting in more ways than one. Take 3 minutes to read it.
following tips very useful and concrete of a bishop.


These lines will prepare you to face the dangerous situations that may arise. Forewarned is forearmed, warned a woman is worth four. 1. Inspired by Tae Kwon Do: The elbow is the strongest part of our body. If you're close enough to serve you in your elbow to defend yourself, go 2. Inspired by a tour guide in New Orleans.

If a robber asks for your wallet or your purse

Throw it away from you

It is likely that rushes on the object, rather than attack you. Take the opportunity to walk away CURRENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
3. If you was locked in a trunk of a car, knocking the rear lights, then your arm goes into the opening and stirred it frantically. This will attract the attention of all except the driver. A council which has already saved lives. 4. From that you enter your car, lock the doors and leave. Women tend to sit a while in their car to their accounts, write a note, etc.. For example, after working or have been in store. Do not sit STATIONED IN YOUR CAR! A predator can watch you and take the opportunity to slip on the passenger side to force you to drive somewhere, a gun pointed on your head.
If a predator is already in the car and pointed his gun at you,'M NOT HIS ORDERS! Bis: AM NOT HIS ORDERS! (b) Arrange
damage to you than your car:
chosen an obstacle and press on the accelerator. Do not be afraid: your airbag will protect you. This is the person in the back seat who take the hit.
Once the car stops, get out and run. A solution if you do
not want to find your body in a remote place.
5. Some advice caution in parking lots and garages :
-A.) Be careful ... Look around you. Inspects inside your vehicle: the back seat space to the front passenger seat. -B.) If you are parked next to a van, enter into thy self the other side. Most serial killers attack their victims

while they open the door of their car to drive them into their van. -C.) Observe the cars parked on both sides of your car. If you see a man sitting alone, especially if the side of your car Perhaps it is better to return to your office or at the mall and

seek help from a guard or police officer to escort you. BETTER EXERCISE CAUTION (Better be paranoid than dead.) 6. always takes the elevator instead of stairs . (Stairwells are
crime scene perfect! especially at night! )
7. If a predator has a gun but does not take you, RUN! The

chance that a ball reach you Only 4 out of 100 and even if so, bullets THAT RARELY not reach a vital organ. COURSE! If
possible zigzag! 8. As a woman, we always try to be nice LEAVES THE KINDNESS

SIDE! You may be raped or killed. Ted Bundy, the serial killer, was a handsome and well educated. He ALWAYS had the sympathy of women to remove them: he walked with a cane, he limped, he asked for help into his vehicle. 9. Remember the story of the baby crying. A woman heard

crying baby who seemed to come from his front door. Rather than opening up, she called the police because this late in the evening seemed odd. The police response was not long in coming: "Above all, do not open"

Then it seemed to this woman that the baby had crawled under a window. She was afraid that the baby goes to the Street and done hit by a car. Again, the officer said, ABOVE ALL, NO OPEN
NOT. He informed that it was possible that a serial killer trying
to feel sorry for women with a record of crying baby then enter their homes. This fact remained in check but he confirmed that police had received several calls from women who had heard a baby crying out when were alone at night! Do not open when you hear a baby crying. This email should probably be taken seriously because the story of a baby crying has been recently mentioned on TV during the program "America's Most Wanted" which spoke of a killer Series in Louisiana. One last tip: Never yelling "Help! "But rather" FIRE! " are the people going out to the fire, but rarely for help. It can also throw the aggressor, he asked if dealing with a madman or a mad

and it may well let you go there. (Ref: self-defense training for women). Finally, I want you to do forward this email to all women and men you know. It could save a life.
A candle is not extinguished by lighting another candle. I was going to send it only to women, but I realized that men who love their mothers, wives, sisters, girls, etc.. might also be interested ...

I suppose no reader will keep for itself a message if appropriate.

Archbishop Leopold Sosthene BAYEMI MATJEI

Bishop of Obala

BP 24 Obala

Cameroon Tel: +237 22184362

by Silvere Kouadio KONGO Diocesan Directorate of Works Catholic Abidjan

Coordination Catholic Ethics Development and fight against the Scourge Social Entrepreneur Contacts: + 225 20 21 24 98 + 225 May 1961 December 17 + 225 82 83 September 1998


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